May 19th & 20th - Spring Thaw/Go Topless Day
July 21st - Rocks for Roses
Sept 15th & 16th - Roastin on the Rocks
Oct 20th - Fall Crawl
Nov 17th - Toys for Tots.


OUR PURPOSE: The BIG RUBBERS Custom 4x4 Club inc. exists to bring members together for family-oriented fun and the enjoyment of our natural surroundings. The BIG RUBBERS Custom 4x4 Club Inc. shall work in concert with other groups and organizations for the purpose of maintaining and keeping open existing trails, organizing events both for Off-Road and Show. We participate in other activities, such as attending charity fund raisers, hosting our own events to raise monies for charitable purposes, educating our youths about the recreations we enjoy today as they are our future leaders of tomorrow.

CLUB OBJECTIVE: The objective of the club is enjoyment. Of each others company and the great Outdoors. Each member must decide on his or her own, whether or not to attempt an obstacle. All vehicles should stick to the trail whenever possible and respect the environment. All members are expected to clean up after themselves, and, if possible, to leave the area cleaner than you found it.


"BIG RUBBERS" actually means the big tires we use, for those of you of you who thought something else. We are a PA state registered Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Windber, PA. We are a family orientated club dedicated to increasing members' knowledge of safe and fun four wheeling. We welcome members of any driving ability. All we require is following all safety rules and bringing the right attitude to the trail. The most important thing is that everyone HAS FUN! Our on-trail rules are basically to use common sense. We follow the "Tread Lightly" policy, as all Off-Roaders should. Remember, as our favorite trails could also be the favorite trails of hikers, hunters, ATV riders, etc., and we would be sharing them, so trail etiquette is always practiced. We never blaze a new trail to avoid an obstacle, or for any reason. We always try to pack out, (trash), more than we pack in with us.


* Denotes Required Field