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Thread: Need T5 advice

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    Need T5 advice

    Well, she's on the ge-rodge floor for the 3rd time this year just because I had nothing better to do Saturday morning after extreme 4x4! Ended up being a good thing though, since I ripped the mounting bracket off of the Trans case from wheeln with a broken motor mount. Hence why Im looking for a parts T5 in the wanted section.

    Problem: still pops out of revers

    Action: Fix it

    Symptoms: Pops out of reverse under a load, especially trying to back up going up hill, even when I hold it in. Took the lid off this time around expecting to see some chewed up gears, but everything looks clean. No chips, gouges, scratches on any of the gears, syncros look fine (12,000 miles - ish), but Im not a transmission expert or anything. Im looking for some ideas on where to look / go next... school me gurus!!!

    Looking for a T5 Tail housing, and a CJ bell housing also!!!! Someone has to have something laying around!
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    Is it possible that there it a shim missing? Sounds like it's not going into gear fully in reverse. I'm not a trans guy either but I'm currently having a similar problem with my garden tractor. It seems its running out of room (shifters hitting the case) before its totally ingaged into gear allowing it to slip (pop) out of gear whether it is under load or not. I have no Idea, just kinda putting it out there.

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