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    Steering Column Question

    My Steering Column is very loose and my wheel will tilt side to side and front to back about an inch each way. I've never attempted to take a steering column apart before let alone do I even know what is wrong. This is on my 91 YJ I just got. Any ideas or offers to help are greatly appreciated!
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    Theyre not that hard. you probably need new bearings at the top and the bottom. You'll need a steering wheel hub puller. Google "rebuilding YJ steering column" and you'll find some good info with pictures.
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    check out if a xj steerin column will work got an extra
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    Has to be a YJ column. The XJ ones are longer and bolt to the firewall different. I got a tilt column for mine out of a junkyard that was in great shape for $125. Its more than just replacing the bearings but its alot easier and faster plus u get tilt wheel.

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