DCNR/PEC & PaOHV presents the 2012 OHV Recreation Management Workshop June 7th thru the 9th

He guy’s here is some information about this years meeting which is to be Pro-Motorized and to be sponsored by the Motorized Sects. NOHVCC and PaOHV has taken the lead on this and as Sam told me on Saturday that NOHVCC is all ATV guy’s and are not interested in the 4WD Sect. Well what 4WD Club is going to step forward to take the lead on this one, Big Rubbers did it for the October 2010 Trails Meeting and last Octobers’ Trail Meeting in York, was handled by Rick Bear & Pa Jeeps……….

“The second day will be devoted to field workshop session at Bald Eagle State Forest. Participants will tour motorcycle, ATV and 4WD trails. While on these trails, we will apply what we have learned in the classroom sessions to specific on-the-ground conditions, and have the opportunity to observe what techniques and solutions can be applied to real-world conditions.”

We the 4WD Sect have actually dropped the ole preverbal ball once again.......